Blacklisted Casinos

Janine Tan
March 10, 2021

Last Updated on September 8, 2023 by Janine Tan

Blacklisted casinos are gambling establishments that are unprincipled, and neglect customer rights to a point bordering criminal activity. This review will give players names that both new and expert players should avoid due to the lack of a proper code of conduct to govern casino operations. An updated blacklisted casino list is provided in the table below. No specific order has been used to write this list of blacklisted online casinos.

There are many other names apart from the ones listed above that fall into the category of blacklisted casinos. Readers who are interested in a list of legitimize Singaporean online casinos can find it here.


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Reasons for Online Casino to be Blacklisted

Many factors contribute to the blacklisting of a Singaporean online casino site. It may take a while before a rogue site is blacklisted but when they are, they lose the trust of the virtual gambling community. Many gaming locations across the internet have taken up the responsibility of updating the blacklisted casino list on a regular basis. Players should always transverse the wide web and find cons to a site, which may include these factors discussed below.

Marketing Scam

False advertisement is one aspect that gets virtual establishments on the blacklisted list often. Under the direction of regulatory bodies, casinos are required to provide factual information when doing adverts about their products and services. Misrepresentation of facts is a crime by law and may have dire consequences for a casino if such reports reach control bodies in their jurisdiction. Casinos are regularly inspected, which means hiding the marketing strategy they use to attract gamers is almost impossible. This factor is taken seriously by the industry’s watchdogs. Sites that overlook the responsible gambling rules are among blacklisted casinos online.

Licensing and regulation

Online gambling is legal in some countries, and require that casino operators have valid licenses from the necessary institutions. Sites that operate without certification that is up to date risk being included in the list of blacklisted casinos. For those operating under the set laws, independent audit firms are contracted to inspect the games offered on the website.

Lack of randomness in certain collections of games is one factor that points towards an establishment being rogue. Most of the audit certificates are made public by virtual gaming sites. Those that do not avail this information publicly are required by the law to provide them upon request by a player. Blacklisted casinos have been known to offer unfair games; gamers should always check that games in a gambling location are appraised before playing.

Changing terms

Online casinos reserve the right to change their set of regulations at any given time without prior notice to the public. Virtual gaming sites that change their terms and conditions to favor the establishment at any given time find themselves on the list of rogue casinos. The most exploited group of regulations that most casinos among the blacklisted ones are known to change is that governing the use of bonuses and promotions. Player complaints found in reviews that point towards confiscation of online casinos bonus rewards and funds accumulated through it have been on the rise in the internet.


Cases of non-payment or slow processing of funds in an online casino are among the top factors that lead to the blacklisting of an establishment. Multiple complaints from gamblers regarding lack of payment draw the attention of the relevant authorities and control bodies governing virtual gaming sites. In the course of operations, only casinos require the services of affiliate companies to carry out specific duties on their behalf.

Rogue casinos have been reviewed to have no pay tendencies towards partner firms. Delayed funds is not a guarantee that a casino is bad. The prevalence of deferred payments and the durations they take are used to gauge the trustworthiness of a casino.


Gambling laws of a country determine which sites are the best fit for its citizens concerning the type of services offered in an online casino. On the flipside, individual states have no rules controlling online gambling. Sites from these regions in most cases fall in the rogue online casinos’ list since there are no administrative laws that will ensure player protection is made a priority.

Players should note that a one-time occurrence of any of the factors listed does not equate to a casino being rogue. The repeat of the same time and again to large numbers of players, however, indicates the possibility that the site may be rogue.

How to Spot a blacklisted casino?

Numerous tell-tale signs raise red flags which should serve as warnings. Some of the things to look out to ensure that a gambling site is not blacklisted include:

  • Cashier options- a player should check if the provided payment methods are verified
  • Terms and conditions- a blacklisted online casino has red flags all over their set codes of conduct. Reading through this segment of a website will help players gauge is a gaming site is legit.
  • Details of the parent company- some gambling groups have been known to run the blacklisted casino, and this information is available on the internet
  • Affiliates- rogue partner companies in most cases if not all is a red flag to the operations of the gaming establishment
  • Audit certification- when this critical detail even upon request about virtual gaming sites is missing players tell that the establishment is rogue.

Bonus Scam

There are many schemes that blacklisted casinos exploit to swindle gamers off their money. One method that is common among most blacklisted casinos is the changing of terms and conditions after gamers have claimed the premium. Casino bonus fraud is rampant, especially for the first deposit welcome reward. Players are still green to the antics of a rogue casino when making the first deposit making it easy for an establishment to con them.

In Brief

Players need to conduct adequate research on the negative and positive aspects of a casino before they play. Once they have identified a casino, they should look up complaints about it before becoming members. Gamers should know that a list of blacklisted casino players is also compiled. Players are to play in online casinos as per the set regulations to avoid being named among rogue gamers.


No. Online casino management and affiliate companies vary, therefore, one bad establishment does not mean that the rest take part in fraud activities too.

Yes. When issues that put the gaming site on the blacklist are resolved, the establishment is taken off the list.

Author Janine Tan