Pai Gow

Janine Tan
March 9, 2021

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PAI GOW, a china made casino game is one of the rising games in the betting world. To play the game, a set of 32 groups are required. This game has been put into different translation. There is another game called PAI GOW tiles whose relations with PAI GOW poker has been missed in years. It is to distinguish this relations since there are two different games. PAI GOW tiles is not similar to PAI GOW poker.

This game incorporates the use of deck of cards. A pack of 52 deck of regular cards is used together with only one joker. The conditions under which to use the joker is only in place of the ace or when completing the straight and flush. Also, each hand should have seven cards which are grouped in two sets. With this seven cards is a high hand containing 5 cards with a two card low hand. There is a stipulated standard poker hands requirement and this game’s hand strategy follows it. However, a single exception is given when the leading second straight is Ace-2, 3, 4 and 5 after the following arrangement Ace, K, Q, J, and T.

How to play Pai Gow Poker

To have fun playing the game, it is important that you acquaint yourself with the steps stating how to play. Initially, the players involved are allowed to place their bets and then the dealers are allowed to deal the cards with their individual players and also among themselves. There is however a number generator that is used to randomly decide the first hand. This generator picks numbers from one to nine. It can also choose a set of three dice which normally adds up to three to eighteen. There are different spots to fill. These sports are dealer and the player spot. Normally, there is only one spot belonging to the dealer which is followed by the spot belonging to the player. Immediately after the player’s spot, you return to the dealer’s spot which might play the number 8.

The main objective when playing this game is to increase the pair of your hands in comparison to those of the two or more dealers you are playing with. Similarly, it is important that you ensure that the high hand, normally five cards, should be more compared to the low hand which is normally two cards. This is irrespective of your card arrangement. One miss-up when playing this game is confusing the setting of your cards. This is always one cause of losing both the game and your money. Therefore, it is important that you are familiar with the way you set your cards and be specific.

Winning a game is exhilarating. However, to win, the player must have a large number of hands in comparison with the dealers at the table. Similarly, for the dealers to win, they should have a large number of hands in comparison to the players at the table.

Special offer in Pai Gow

There is a special offer called free flash where you are allowed to play a game without any charge. With this free game you do not need to register yourself. A simple step of picking the number of chips to play with is given. Afterwards, you click on the deal option and play the game.

The house edge while playing Pai Now

There is a type of edge which the house has obtained through its copying aspect. Normally, two hands are able to copy at a percentage of 2.6 each time. This increases the odds of winning for a dealer to a percentage of 29.9 in each result. Similarly, the odds of the player to win are increased to a percentage of 28.6. What consist of the other edge in the house is a five percent that is usually charged every time a player wins.

How to win at PAI GOW poker

There are some specific stipulations that have been set by the house concerning all individual hand. These rules are able to keep even all players with the house each time they keep at hand the rules placed for setting the hand. However, the house always offer advice to those players who cannot set their hands. They normally suggest different casino rules of setting hands. The disadvantage of this strategy is that casinos are business minded and normally set their hands in a way that will lower risk.

Bankroll Management

There is a chance to bank in every game that you participate regularly. Importance of owning a bank roll is that it increases your chances to become the house.

Bonus bets

There are many bonuses that have been included in all the PAI GOW games. This move has made this game more popular among all the gambling games. Each time a player has a high hand containing a seven straight, he or she gets a bonus. There is also another bonus gifted when the player makes into the listed six hands and has a high hand made of seven straights.

Setting your hands

It is important that you set your hands specifically and precisely. There are house rules that you can use to win a game, however, there are other strategies that you can employ to win a game. Such strategies include the following:

  • If you have two pairs and one has an ace, you are advised to separate the two pairs.
  • If you have two pairs whose top is made of a king, you are advised to separate the pairs. However, in case you have a deuce, you are advised to play the two players inclusively.
  • If you have three pairs, you are advised to use the highest pair that you are holding in the low hand.
  • At times, you could have a complete full house. In this case, you are advised to first play the pair in your low hand. However, this rule is exception to when the full house also has a separate second pair.


The main objective when playing gambling games is for fun and also to win. PAI GOW has different rules that allows you to both have fun when playing and also win. To play, you need to register and click on the option given to have a dealer. After this process, you will be sited at a table.

Author Janine Tan