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Janine Tan
April 19, 2021

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If you love playing online table games such as Baccarat with a twist, then this is for you. Although there are numerous sites offering live dealer games most are focused on reproducing the standard land-based casino experience. Essentially, they want to recreate the same look and feel as when you head to a regular casino. All the staff dressed in the same uniforms all looking the same. For those who are looking for a more adult experience then Sexy Baccarat online casino might just be your new favourite online casino. Sexy Baccarat combines live dealer games with beautiful women dressed in sexy and revealing clothing. If you’re looking to spice up your online gambling experience, then look no further than Sexy Baccarat.

Sexy Baccarat’s history

Sexy Baccarat is the leading platform for online casinos providing various sexy versions of online casino table games across Asia. The casino currently operates out of Thailand where the online casino studios are also located. The site has been offering players a wide selection of casino games such as SicBo, Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack and Dragon Tiger. All of which are extremely popular across Asia in countries like Singapore, Thailand, Japan and more. What makes Sexy Baccarat stand out is that you can enjoy your gambling experience in the company of beautiful women dressed in bikinis or sexy lingerie. Sexy Baccarat streams their games in high quality 4K and HD so you can enjoy the view with crystal clear perfection. The company continues to focus on adding new games and more beautiful ladies in the year to come.

Why Sexy Baccarat is popular across Asia

It’s no surprise gambling has been quite popular across Asia for hundreds of years. Games of chance and skill-based games have existed as far back as we can remember. In countries like Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore and more. While gamblers across Asia have no shortage of online casinos to choose from Sexy Baccarat appeals to those looking for a more adult experience. The site offers all the most popular casino table games in Asia like Baccarat, SicBo, Dragon Tiger and more. On top of the varied game selection there is no shortage of beautiful women. Each game has a number of tables you can join each with its own sexy dealer. There is no denying This has helped make Sexy Baccarat extremely popular over the years.

Where to play Sexy Baccarat

Sexy Baccarat can be downloaded directly from their website. Once you sign up and deposit, you’ll be able to start playing and enjoying the beautiful selection of sexy women. There are also numerous promotions available to new and returning players. Sexy Baccarat has also partnered with Spade Gaming, Pocket Games Soft, Red Tiger and SA Gaming to deliver their games to more platforms and additional online casinos.

Online casinos featuring Sexy Baccarat games:

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and many more


Sexy Baccarat’s most popular games

Although the name would suggest otherwise Sexy Baccarat offers a selection of different games gamblers can enjoy besides Baccarat. In addition to live dealer Baccarat players can also enjoy live dealer SicBo, live dealer Dragon Tiger, slot games and much more. Below we discuss a few games in more detail.

Live Baccarat

As the name implies the game is all about playing live Baccarat with beautiful women. These lovely dealers are dressed in sexy swimwear or lingerie which definitely help pass the time. Choose any one of many tables each with its own beautiful dealer. Just be careful not to get too distracted by the beautiful women. Sexy Baccarat also features state of the gameplay packed with tons of features and side betting options. The game is broadcast in 4K HD quality to ensure you enjoy the sights. Sexy Baccarat live dealer Baccarat is also available on tablets, mobile phones and computers.

Live Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is extremely popular across Asia despite how simple the game’s rules are. In Dragon Tiger 2 cards are dealt one to the dragon and the other to the tiger. The player must then place a bet on whether they think the dragon will win or the tiger will win or if it will end up as a draw. Now add beautiful female dealers to the mix and you take the game to a whole new level. Dragon Tiger also has an option to place side bets which can increase your winnings significantly. The game can be enjoyed on mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Best of all the game is streamed in 4K HD quality so you can see everything as clear as possible. You can also have your pick of any of the many tables each with its own beautiful live dealer to gamble with.


After years of entertaining Asian gamblers Sexy Baccarat shows no signs of slowing down. With a number of new games in the works and a recent upgrade to their casino studios the future is looking sexy. The company is now focused on delivering adult themed fun with high quality video and sound. The company will also be adding more beautiful dealers from around the world. There is no shortage of lovely ladies to gamble with and win big money. With so much going for them Sexy Baccarat is poised to have another strong year across Asia.

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