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May 24, 2021

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A recent addition to the Asian gambling scene is Mega888 online casino. This rising star has become quite popular in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia over the past few years. Currently Mega888 is focused on delivering a completely mobile experience to players with a full range of slot games and casino table games. This online casino can be downloaded and installed on any device including Android and IOS phones. With a global pandemic raging on and people around the world being asked to stay home to avoid spreading the virus Mega888 has found much success.

Another great feature attracting new players is the ability to easily contact their live support with popular chat apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. Just make sure not to get fooled by online scammers. With state-of-the-art graphics and the latest in mobile game technology Mega888 is definitely one online casino to watch out for.


Originally launched in Malaysia a few years back Mega888 has seen much success and growth in the last year. Recently Mega888 has grown into new Asian markets including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and many more Asian countries. Since the company was originally launched Mega888 has been focused on delivering a truly mobile experience to their players. Choosing to forgo the use of an online casino the only way to currently enjoy their games is by downloading an app to your phone. Luckily the process is extremely simple to do and only requires players to head over to the site and download the app in order to get started. This year the company is hoping to further expand to more Asian countries in order to attract new players.

Why Mega888 is popular in Singapore and across Asia

For the past few years many Asian gamblers have preferred playing on the go using their mobile or tablet devices. Many gamblers seem to gravitate more towards mobile friendly casino or purely mobile casino experiences. In the last year as the world faced a global pandemic and more people were forced to stay home Mega888 was able to benefit and saw a significant increase in players from new Asian countries beyond Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

On top of the great mobile casino experience Mega888 offers players many popular Asian casino games like Dragon Tiger, Da sheng nao hai, Matsuri, Chinese Lion and many more. In addition to the great selection of games Mega888 offers players great customer service. Which includs the option to contact a customer service agent using today’s popular apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.

Where to find Mega888 games

Mega888 is a completely mobile online casino. In order to get started players, need to visit Mega888 website on their computers to download and install the APK. Once the app file is downloaded they can proceed to connect their phones an install the app on their phone giving them access to all the great slots and casino table games Mega888 has to offer.

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Beware of scams

One of the great features of Mega888 casino is the easy way in which players can communicate with online support agents. Communication using the app itself or by reaching out using popular chat apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. In fact, the Mega888 agents are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. For players this is great news as they can reach out to someone anytime, they need help or are looking to get a little something extra on their next deposit.

However, recently there have been many online scammers and fraudsters who pretend to be an actual representative from the website when in fact they are just scammers trying to steal your money and your personal information. Don’t be fooled by scammers. One great way to avoid these traps is by asking specific questions that only a real agent from the site would be able to answer. Questions like when was the last time, I logged in to play? What was the last game I played on my last visit? These questions can help you spot the scammers and make sure you don’t get fooled or worse have someone take your money.

Mega888 most popular games

Although the site has a huge selection of games unfortunately it would take us too long to cover them all. With a wide selection of slot games to a vast amount of casino table games like Baccarat, 3 card poker, Dragon Tiger and more. That’s why we choose a couple of our favourite games to discuss below to showcase some of the great games Mega888 has to offer.

Jin Qian Wa

Jin Qian Wa is a fast-paced Asian themed slot game that looks as good as it plays. This slot is a 5-reel slot game that has you matching popular Asian symbols like the Yin-Yang symbol, Chinese characters, elephants, jade statues and other popular symbols. Jin Qian Wa has a minor and major jackpot you can win on each spin you play. The game allows you to adjust the amount you bet and the number of lines you bet on. For those that like to let ride you can use the autoplay feature to keep spinning for you.

Great Blue

Great Blue is a fish themed slot game which combines big wins and beautiful graphics into an action-packed slot game. Match various fish symbols like sharks, tropical fish, sea horses, clam shells with pearls and more. Great Blue also features a minor and major jackpot that players can win. In addition, you can adjust the amounts you bet on and the number of lines. The more lines you bet on the more combinations you can hit to win it big.


If you’re looking for a great mobile casino experience, then Mega888 might be perfect for you. With a huge selection of games to choose from this casino has no shortage of options for players to enjoy and win big. Besides the great game selection players will have easy access to online support agents to help them along the way. Just be sure to avoid any scammers trying to steal your money and personal information.

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